Replacement Pik Pocket™ Tips, 2 Pack (PP-100E)

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Model: PP-100E

The WATERPIK PIK POCKET Tip (PP-100E) is a soft, latex-free rubber tip designed for gentle, low-pressure delivery of therapeutic rinses below the gumline. Clinically proven to access 90% of a 6mm pocket.

For best results, use with WATERPIK countertop water flosser models, the ION cordless water flosser, or the ION Professional Cordless water flosser, which allow for more precise tip placement.*

Best for: Periodontal pockets and furcations

Replace: Every 3 months

Includes: 2 color-coded water flosser tips per package (colors may vary)

How to use: With the unit OFF, set the pressure to the lowest setting. Place the soft tip against the tooth at a 45-degree angle and gently place the tip under the gumline, into the pocket. Turn on power to clean.

*Not for use with Sidekick™, Sonic-Fusion™, Whitening, and Classic water flossers.

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